Meaning of company name

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Date Submitted: 07/03/2021 - 03:18 PM

The meaning of the company name



  1. A life cycle, or a typical business development cycle, will go through 4 stages: initiation, formation, development, decline. The Song Phase symbolizes the initiation stage, which has begun planting before hunting.
  2. Song Pha represents at least 2 individuals or a collective organization and individuals who accompany each other "in parallel" without conflicting interests. All share the same goal, unify perspectives, and collaborate effectively in work, based on the Win-Win principle.
  3. Song Pha symbolizes agility, always seizing opportunities, because we understand that time is money. And there are things that money can't buy, such as: information, trust, hope, dedication... those are also a form of cost. Therefore, we always seize opportunities to fulfill the tasks assigned by customers in the shortest possible time.
  4. Song Pha reads and pronounces like a river carrying heavy silt. Because we are the children who come from the Mekong Delta region in particular, and Vietnam in general. We are proud to rise from the starting point of the water region, ready to integrate and adapt to all circumstances, like water flowing through each small crevice, to fulfill the mission of elevating the "Song Pha" brand to the world.
  5. Song Pha is like a commitment to customers through actions, always leading and pioneering in the most professional services for customers, which is an integral part of Song Pha's culture, we always strive for innovation and development. Therefore, every passing day we always step forward, step right and never stop stepping.
  6. Song Pha, our company name is without accents, impressive, unique, easy to remember for international integration, everyone can pronounce correctly, resonating, symbolizing movement, always leading in everything. With a name representing indomitable spirit, heroic momentum, ready to venture into danger without hesitation, like a strong call from each individual in the company to live up to each day, like the lyrics of the song called "Lên Đàng" ("Let's go to the peak together... Look straight ahead at mountains and rivers"), this is a symbolic image of the company's culture.
  7. Song Pha Company always takes the starting point as the number 0 to set for new goals, Because if you think you have 7 friends, you only strive for 3. The number 0 helps us always be humble and strive to complete every task, especially when we develop a new service or a new market. If it were you, would you choose to bow down and make rice or raise your head and make weeds? The more difficulties and challenges, the more they create the difference and brand value of "Song Pha Group".
  • We learn to "bow down" to our mistakes.
  • We learn to "bow down" to our own desires.
  • We learn to "bow down" to grow up.

        8. No matter how strong and powerful Song Pha may become, we will never forget the initial time of establishing the company. Because we have gone through many hardships together to build a strong brand. That is the determination of a collective, so the culture of remembering the source of water is constantly improved internally by our company, to adapt to the 4.0 trend.

      9. And there are many other meanings, we can only summarize some of the meanings of the name "SONG PHA GROUP".as a message to share with customers and partners who are interested and want to learn more about our formation and development process.